Roses in Austria

A valzer between the gardens of roses in Vienna and the romantic settings of Imperial Castles, Gardens and Palaces where legendary characters such as Maria Teresa d'Asburgo, Francis Joseph and Princess "Sissi" used to live. An unforgettable journey with the most important italian expert of Roses.

Among the visits we'd like to remind: Schoenbrunn Castle with his Palmen Haus and his Cafè Gloriette, the Japanese Garden, the House of Sunset, the Tiroler Garten, the Botanic Garden, the House of the Desert, the Doblhoff Park, Laxenburg Castle and Franzensburg Castle.

We will also visit a private "Schlossgarten" which has been turned, with years of work, from a simple garden into a paradise of roses. This garden is entirely dedicated to the Queen of Flowers and offers wonderful and multicolored draws reached using other plants such as geranium, lavanda climatis and so on. Here we can admire William Lob Roses, Charles de Mille Roses and Ghislaine de Feligonde Roses.


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